Sports amino acids for muscle growth

Sports amino acids for muscle growth

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So what are "athletic" amino acids and what are they for?
As part of our body contains 20 different amino acids, which can be conditionally divided into: interchangeable (entering the body with food or produced by the body itself) and irreplaceable (their production in the body is impossible, such amino acids must necessarily enter the body from the outside). Among all the essential amino acids, it is worthwhile to distinguish amino acids BCAA.

Of course, the athlete is subjected to severe test and loads that literally destroy it. Therefore, the hard training should be accompanied by adequate rehabilitation and sports amino acids are called to provide it. Alas, conventional foods are hardly able to provide all the necessary nutrients, even an ordinary person, not to mention the athletes.

It is known that the protein plays a major role in the construction and reduction of our muscles. A protein - is, roughly, a set of amino acids. Should pay special attention to the fact that the protein enters the body with food, not the building blocks for muscle. In the body, the food protein is cleaved into amino acids, of which our body itself produces proteins necessary for him. Therefore racing amino acids - especially valuable agent for the athlete, because it is almost ready, balanced building material.


The value of amino acids in the sport: Highlights

After analyzing all of the above, it is necessary to identify the main beneficial properties of amino acids that contribute to the achievement of sports results. Thus, the presence of additional amino acids in the diet of an athlete supplements provides:

  • Fast delivery of the necessary building materials to the muscles. In this case, these preparations favorably with protein supplements, as last assimilation requires a certain time, and amino acids in pure form, enter the blood already within 14-16 minutes after ingestion. Thus, amino acids - the best means to eliminate "protein window" immediately after exercise;
  • Full satisfaction of the body in protein and, as a consequence, the optimal flow of vital processes;
  • Acceleration of recovery processes in muscle tissue after intensive training and as a result, the active growth of muscle mass, increased muscle strength, and volume;
  • Normal production of hormones in the body and optimizing anabolic processes;
  • Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance in the body of an athlete;
  • The optimum flow of energy processes in the muscles of the athlete, strengthens immunity and protective functions of the body;
  • Burning excess fat in the body, the optimum flow of protein metabolism. In addition, many amino acids are powerful antioxidants;
  • The normal functioning of all organs and systems.


Amino acids, sports nutrition in the UK

Thus, sports amino acids are now very popular among athletes of all levels. Sports nutrition manufacturers offer some selected amino acids in tablets, capsules, liquid concentrates, as well as all kinds of amino acid complexes, which represent a balanced set of essential substances.


Getting amino acids - quite a complicated high-tech process. Sports amino acids, usually performed by means of special processing of proteins (hydrolysis or enzymatic treatment - the most common methods).

Amino acids are valuable for athletes tool to recruitment of muscle mass and for rapid, efficient recovery. Almost all sports nutritionists agree that amino acids as an additional food supplement in the diet are essential members of any sport. General of the recommendation set out in the article How to take amino acids .


Amino acids: bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness

Of particular importance is the amino acid in strength sports, as Here priority is given is qualitative study, as well as strength and muscle size. Building muscle is not possible without high-quality materials, so the representatives of these sports are paying special attention to the amino acid composition of the diet.


As I mentioned above, the protein - a building material for muscles, as well as the basis for their reduction. In turn, the amino acids - protein derivatives in our body. Thus, muscle growth is possible only under constant feed of the organism these substances. It is important to realize that muscle growth requires a much larger number of amino acids than is required to maintain the normal state of the organism.


Damage to amino acids: whether to be afraid of?

Amino acids - a valuable material for the normal functioning of the body, and for athletes it is simply irreplaceable. That is why nutritional supplements based on them as widely popular today. Of course, as with any drug, the amino acids have side effects. In particular, exceeding recommended dosages manufacturer can lead to indigestion and temporary impairment of renal function. However, enough to adhere to the general application of the recommendations, without exceeding the recommended dosage of amino acids and sports will become a universal tool for achieving any athletic performance.

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