What is Testosterone Propionate

What is Testosterone Propionate

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Testosterone Propionate is one kind of injectable steroids, which is popular only to those who are really committed to the result. This drug has many positive qualities. But at the same time, many experts say that this is a standard, lightweight version of the enanthate or cypionate. But this is not true in the Bud.

Features of Testosterone Propionate Solo Reception

This medication differs from its competitors at a more rapid action. The effect of the drug appears on the 2 – 3rd day after the start of the cycle. Thus, the effect of 50 mg of propionate lasts at least 2 days. At the same time, enanthate 250 mg. can act average of 1.5 weeks.
This drug does not absorb liquid into the body of an athlete. In addition, the drug reduces the amount of liquid and the rapid growth of endurance. On the second day after the start of the reception, felt a rush of energy and lightness in the movements.
The drug is used for a quick set of muscle mass and increase the strength of the athlete.

Testosterone Propionate Cycles

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The main loop is considered to be the combined use of the propionate and enanthate. This cycle is typical for athletes who important a quick and lasting effect. So how to make testosterone propionate in a cycle with other anabolics?

For beginners it is recommended to take 50 – 100 mg. in one shot. In this case, the frequency of reception is 2 days. This is due to the fact that on the second day the effect of the propionate somewhat subsided. Accordingly, required repeat.

If you take propionate in combination with enanthate, then the first pricked at 50 mg for the first 6 days. Frequency of reception 2 after 2. After the third injection, the need for propionate disappears, as starts acting enanthate. In addition, the use of propionate is recommended for those who passed the 6-week cycle of enanthate.

The application of propionate in conjunction with other uk steroids. Because of the relatively short-term exposure to propionate can be taken instead of long-lasting testosterones. In particular, the popularity of such a cycle.

100 mg of propionate injecting every 2 days. Parallel works in a day 50 mg of Winstrol and conclude the cycle to a daily consumption of 30 mg Dianabol.

Testosterone Propionate Cycles for Women

This drug is recommended to women in combination. 100 mg of propionate per day have 50 mg Winstrol (every 48 hours) or 76 mg parabola, which is taken to be identical to Winstrol, plus daily for 25 milligrams of Oxandrolone.

Side effects from using testosterone propionate are almost identical other testosterones. That is, manifests itself acne, hair loss, but at the same time, can increase hair body, lowered tone of voice. Increased libido is typical for both sexes. In addition, we should not forget that major side effects common only in overdose. Accordingly, all experts recommend taking 50 mg a day for 6 – 8 weeks.

Where to buy Testosterone Propionate UK?

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