Side Effects of Steroids

Side Effects of Steroids

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Anabolic steroids are artificial male hormones, but even in medicine they are used very rarely (as it was extremely dangerous). Unfortunately, too many guys genuinely believe in the legend about the impossibility of building muscle without the use of anabolics. This myth is supported by some coaches financially interested in the sale of "chemistry" as many athletes. Newcomers who come to enroll in the gym, often start with a question: "And what steroids to take?" And terribly surprised to learn that it is not necessary. Others just confuse anabolic steroids are completely harmless protein powders and amino acids...

To tell you not to take anabolic steroids – exercise stupid, pointless and ungrateful: generally sweet it is "forbidden fruit". The best is to tell what they are dangerous. So, here is a rating list of side-effects caused by taking anabolic steroids:


In 1994 the tragic news spread throughout the world of bodybuilding. "Mr. America" Dennis Newman, blooming 25-year-old athlete was diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer). He admitted to doctors that he had taken human growth hormone - one of the strongest anabolic drugs which was the cause of the disease. Also a result of the steroids may cause alterations in liver, suspects cancer. Because the liver and kidneys are exposed to a powerful load when using "chemistry". As a result, the US research revealed that the average age of users of steroids, who died from liver cancer, was only 18 years old!

Stomach pain

Anabolic steroids tablets cause stomach discomfort. Their use is accompanied by negative phenomena - loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, upset stomach and heartburn. In addition, disturbed balance of the intestinal flora, and the person is exposed to various gastrointestinal infections.


headaches steroids

Many steroid users suffer severe headaches. Doctors believe that pain, having the character of migraine are the Foundation of the disorder of hormonal balance, which occurs when taking steroids.

Sodium retention

Athletes taking steroids, daily weighed on floor scales. When they find that their weight has increased, begin a mistake to think that started to grow muscles. In fact, the increase in the volume of the body may be due to water retention in the body. As a consequence, this leads to acute attacks of increasing pressure.


When you use anabolic steroids, their concentration in the body rolls over the level of hormones, which can handle the skin begin to breed bacteria. When this is combined with increased secretion of the sebaceous glands (which is inevitable with steroid use), the situation becomes even more unfavorable.

Cardiovascular disease

The use of steroids has a negative effect on the levels and cholesterol profile: total cholesterol increases, reduced levels of high density lipoprotein and increasing levels of low-density lipoprotein. All this can lead to complete blockage of blood vessels. Similar to the disease a few years ago led to the death of the participant of competition "Mr. Olympia" Mohammed Benaziza.


Bodybuilders applying anabolics suffer from transitory changes in libido. At the beginning of a steroid cycle, there was a slight increase in libido, accompanied by more frequent and longer duration erections. But this is only the beginning. Prolonged use of steroids ability to achieve and maintain an erection inevitably falls.

impotence steroids

Physiological basis of impotence when using synthetic hormones is the reduction of production of endogenous testosterone. Often, impotence can progress even after the cancellation of a steroid cycle when testosterone from outside is not received, and their own reproductive system has not yet regained the desired level of androgens in the system.

Premature hair loss

Many people who resort to "chemicals", complain of a noticeable thinning of hair on the head – this phenomenon can be observed in women and in men. Maybe this is why the magazines for bodybuilders so often advertised the firms involved in the implantation of artificial hair.

The suspension of growth

Young people using steroids are at risk of not achieving their potential growth, the doctors discovered concerned ability to close epirizole growth zones tubular bones.

Immune suppression

After a cycle of steroids there is increased propensity for viral diseases, colds and even pneumonia. It is proved that anabolics are a very weaken immune system. More pronounced this negative effect those whose cycle of taking the "chemistry" accounted for more than 10 weeks.