Terms & Conditions


·       Customers should research whether buying or possessing these OTC drugs online is legal in their state or local jurisdiction.

·       We never divulge information about our clients, even in response to official requests from foreign authorities.

·       The Muscle-Strength.net website will safeguard all personal data collected following European law.



i.         I'll treat the site's administrators with kindness and respect.

ii.         I understand that some of the products listed on the website could be harmful to my health and have unfavourable side effects.

iii.         I'm at least eighteen years old.

iv.         By using this website for business purposes, I have no desire to harm anyone.

v.         I will respect the privacy of all information (delivery location, billing address, security policy), and I will only use this site for personal, professional, or educational purposes. I also promise not to reveal my account information to anyone.



·       You should not confuse the order tracking code associated with your transaction with the postal tracking number (reference number), as they are two entirely different things.

·       We won't redeliver the necessary item to you if you accidentally ordered something you don't need and didn't notify us before the date of dispatch.

·       Technical difficulties do sometimes result in delivery delays, as we must inform you, but this is not cause for concern or regret. Please file a complaint and seek compensation if an order is delayed for longer than 7 days; in such cases, we will grant credits to your account with us.

·       Your order history will always contain information about the status, content, and other aspects of your order.

·       Before placing an order, please carefully read the ordering instructions because once you pay for it, it won't be processed until 24 hours after payment has been received.

·       You might receive multiple deliveries if your order is substantial. As soon as you receive a delivery, sign in to the website, look through your purchase history, and enter the received amount next to each item in the package before clicking "accept" to let us know that it has been received.

·       Because placing an order does not reserve the items in our inventory, if there is more than one week between the date you placed the order and the payment date, you must first contact us to ensure the availability of the ordered goods.

·       Even if the order is left unpaid in the system and the price changes when you proceed with payment, you will continue to pay the initially offered amount. This is since placing your order secures the price currently in our system.

·       Simply place your order and call us to discuss a lower price within the constraints of our current promotional offerings if you buy a large number of items but the quantity per product is insufficient to qualify for a bulk discount.

·       You can cancel and remove an order at any time if it has not yet been paid for or authorised by us. If we have already paid for or activated the order, you must actively cancel it by informing us as soon as possible.




·       If you are allergic to some of the chemicals in a product you got from us but have already used it, please consult your doctor immediately; such eventualities are beyond our comprehension.

·       Any quality problems should be addressed to our customer support personnel as soon as possible using our Contact Us page contact form, together with a detailed description of the problem and, if necessary, images to illustrate the proof.

·       We rigorously inspect all items before they are delivered to you, and we honour the manufacturer's warranty of quality and authenticity.



·       You may use two different addresses for billing and delivery. Whereas, the delivery address must remain active and reachable for at least 40 days following the date you placed and paid for your order.

·       It is necessary to place separate orders if you want an item divided and delivered to various addresses. If you need help with this, kindly get in touch with us.

·       We don't deliver orders from a local UK depot; instead, all of our deliveries are made by land or standard airmail from various locations in Europe and Asia.

·       Following the receipt of payment in our account, orders are dispatched within 2 to 5 days.

·       The typical delivery time after payment verification is 5 business days, but unforeseen delays could extend that time to 20 days.

·       Orders are split up into as many deliveries as necessary because items are kept in various warehouses across international borders. Therefore, delivery times may vary by up to 48 hours from package to package.

·       You will be notified via email once the items have been delivered, and the anticipated delivery date will be shown in the Order History section of the My Account page on our website.

·       The postal service provides projected delivery times that are not always accurate; the actual arrival date may fluctuate by 3-5 days from the one stated.

·       We cannot reduce the likelihood of delivery delays since we have no sway over the efficiency of the mail service.



·       The products will not be re-delivered if you change your residence before the planned delivery date.

·       If you move before the expected 30th day, you must have someone at your previous location receive the delivery; otherwise, we will only reimburse 50% of the product value if you do not collect your delivery.

·       The anticipated delivery time is based on the expected date in your transaction history.

·       Delivery is deemed lost if it is more than 30 days late.

·       Small delays are not a reason for worry because the postal service is occasionally erratic; the first postal delay complaint shall be made no later than 15 days after the predicted date.

·       On the 30th day after the planned date, you must notify us of the delivery's loss and give us the package and order ID, as well as a new address for delivering the products again.

·       Packages that are lost due to wrongly entered addresses are not re-delivered.

·       It is critical to notify us if packages do not arrive so that our customer service staff may investigate the claim and redeliver the missing products.

·       To minimise further hassles, a new delivery address is necessary if we must redeliver products to you. If you refuse to supply one, we will still deliver it, but it will not be guaranteed, and we will not bring it again the second time.

·       If a missing item from your late delivery is out of stock when it is supposed to be redelivered, you have two choices: wait for a stock update or accept a substitute that is comparable in price to the original item.

·       If your package was confiscated and you received a seizure letter, please send us a scanned copy of the letter.

·       Because the sender address on the item delivered to you is purposefully fabricated to offer you a discreet service, we will not get it if it is returned to the sender. As a result, before proceeding, please consult with a member of our customer service team.

·       If a product is broken and you are unable to use it, please contact us and send us photos of the damaged items, labels, and packaging.